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Learn a Skill.

Live a new Experience. Love your Mindbody Better

We provide you with an Experience to indulge your senses in so many ways from Learning New skills which you can use in the comfort of your home, Packaged and Pair with an Activity Based Pack that you can use with your Family, singly with your pets or for your own Enjoyment and an Extra special Gift for Just you to pleasure your mind and body!

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Learn a New Skill

Choose any Online Course to add to your specialty box, learn from Gel polish Manicure, Facials, Deep Relief hand and foot therapy, Make-up Application and so much more

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Live and Create

Being at home can be fun but sometimes we look for funfilled activies we can do with our children, animals or even just with ourselves. Here we provide you with kits you can use at home to make fun experiences without having to worry about where to get everything you need.

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Love your gift

What truely matters when it comes to your bodymind is how you feel inside and out. here we provide gifts that you can give yourself and or your family to create A happier experience and more positive vibes. Choose from Pet and Owner gifts, Family Food Fun Gifts and even Pamper me Gifts. 

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