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Alexis Courtney - O'Sullivan

Thank you for taking the time to visit American Beauty. I am truly grateful for the Opportunity to do what am Passionate about every day. To be able to not only provide a one of a kind educational experience but to mentor and guide each and every one of my students to reach their Goals, be it personal or Professional.

I started along this Career pathway at 19 not realizing where it was going to take me. I became an educator & lecturer at the age of 22 and opened my first Building/Academy in 2006. My personal Goal was to create an experience that would be remembered for a lifetime. Courses come and go but the experience we have when we are learning sets us up for life, It gives us the foundations and confidence to keep going and to be the best we can be.​

"Training should be Fun, not stressful and yet at the same time challenging and lead you to meeting your highest potential. Mentoring is all about demonstrating a 'way' but it is also about allowing you to learn and grow with our support."

My wealth of experience and Knowledge comes from not only traveling around the world seeking out different Courses but from Getting to know other professionals and see what they do. Building American Beauty reputation from nothing to what it is today has taken years of focus and determination.

Along my journey towards building American Beauty I had the Opportunity to work0 in many different businesses such as Fashion Design, Retail, Insurance, Sales, Express beauty, and ran a Mobile Nail Bar. I even had the opportunity to work in TV & Fashion Make-up. One of my huge passions in life is to Coach and Mentor Others, weather it is to help set up Beauty and Nail Businesses for others or just help others to reach their potential.

Alexis Courtney O Sullivan

Founder & Creative Director  of American Beauty

lou =ise lash trainer.jpg

Hi! My Name is Louise and I am the Lash Extensions Trainer at American Beauty. Many of you know me as 'Alexis's Mom', I always had a passion for working with my hands and was drawn to Eyelash Extensions for the fine art aspect.


Not being a people person was actually really difficult for me when Alexis Pulled me into this Industry but It was like she just knew what was meant for me. I loved doing Eyelashes so Much I was teaching people without even knowing it, so one day Alexis Asked me would I be interested in gaining my Teaching Diploma and becoming a International VTCT Assessor for her Academy. It was through teaching I learned so much about people and how amazing it felt to help others achieve their dreams, build their confidence and become successful. Each and every Student is like a daughter to me. I am very grateful for Alexis giving me this opportunity and for each and every learner that has given me the opportunity to help them succeed.

Louise Courtney

Trainer & VTCT Assessor


Elaine Asker Owns and runs her own Advanced skincare Clinic and Training Courses in American Beauty Academy and Dunmanway Lake House Beauty rooms. She has over 25 Years experience in Beauty and Education and is also an IQA and Assessor. Elaine offers her heart with every course she teaches and her students are a testament to her services.

Trainer, VTCT IQA & Assessor